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Do you have questions about your TrackMan? Do you need to talk to a specialist, or do you just want to know how to set-up your new TrackMan unit? Below you'll a find lot of answers. From how-to tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions, to subscription renewals and system requirements. 

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Software Subscription & Hardware Maintenance


Stay current, remain efficient!

When you purchased your TrackMan radar, a current 1-year software subscription came along with it. Some of the features in your TPS or iOS are permanent, others are subject to a yearly subscription.

Being current means you have unlimited access to all the latest software features, as well as the essential communication tools. Being current means you can share your screen casts, videos and reports with your clients. Being current means you have access the amazing Tour Swing Library, containing swings  from the world's best players.

Finally, being current means you have unlimited phone support at no additional cost. 


Protect your investment!

While the TrackMan system has proven highly reliable, it's still a very sophisticated system. It includes electronics, mircowave component, battery, camera and motors.

At some point, your system might experience a hardware failure. Some of these components are very expensive to repair. This may impact your business operations and budget.

TrackMan's Hardware Maintenance Program removes this concern and offers peace of mind. Prioritized Repairs service puts your system first in line.

Protect your investment with TrackMan's Hardware Plan.

    • 1 year$1000 / €700
    • 3 years$2000 / €1400
    • 1 year$1000 / €700
    • 3 years$2000 / €1400
    • 1 year$2000 / €1400
    • 3 years$4000 / €2800

Renewing with Credit Card

Go to the TrackMan Webshop shop.trackmangolf.com, select the Hardware or Software product, and check out.

Please note

# You may expect up to 48 hours delay from payment till update is effective.

# Purchase of additional software and hardware year(s) are added to the current expiration dates.

Renewing by wire transfer

Customers in Europe, Asia and Middle East

Please enter your serial no. in the transfer information.


Nordea Bank Denmark
PO Box 850, Dk-0900 Copenhagen

Branch 2191, Account no. 6266574906 
IBAN DK5420006266574906

TrackMan A/S

Stubbeled 2

DK-2950 Vedbaek, Denmark

Customers in United States

Please enter your serial no. in the transfer information.

Bank Of America
One Atlantic St.
Stamford, CT 06901

Acct no. 385018033522
Routing no. 026009593

Checks to "TrackMan Inc" should be mailed to:

TrackMan Inc

16445 N. 91st St. Ste. 104

Scottsdale, AZ 852604, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Solutions to the most common issues experienced by our customers.

Always make sure you have the lastest TPS installed (it's free)

Download available here

> Click here to visit our Help Center (opens a new window), with more guidance available

Where can I find a quick start guide for the TrackMan 4?

The quick start guide for the TrackMan 4 is available below. Click on the image to open the pdf.

What is the password to connect to the TrackMan unit over WiFi?

All TrackMan units has the same default password.

The password is: password

All with small letters.

Why can I not start Shot Analysis when the TM4 is connected over USB?

The radar cannot be detected in TPS if it's connected over USB.

Connect the TM4 via WiFi or through an Ethernet cable. Please note that the USB cable is for debugging/support only.

Where can I get the information about my login for TPS or MyTrackman.com?

When logging in to TPS it is asking for your MYTRACKMAN.com username and password, which is different from your support log in information.

How to find your username:
1. Go to mytrackman.com
2. Log in
3. Click on your name in the top right corner
4. Click "My profile"
5. Above the big profile picture, you'll see your username.

Reset password:
If you do not know it, go to mytrackman.com and click on 'log-in', then 'forgot username/password'. Check your email inbox for an email to reset your password. If you don's find it, check your spam folder.

How can I fix the error in TPS that I have with my Casio EX-F1?

Please go through the below steps to make sure all things are set up correctly.

1) Have you successfully used this camera with TPS before?
* If yes, great. Please proceed to number 2. 
* If not, please make sure the firmware on the camera is updated to 2.0. Instructions on how to do this is on your computer, in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TrackMan Performance Studio\Casio

2) Make sure the camera is set to PC control in the USB settings on the camera. If you don't have the PC Control option, please update the firmware in the Casio by reading the pdf located in C:\Program Files (x86)\TrackMan Performance Studio\Casio

Still not working?

3) Remove all files on the memory card and the internal memory. 
1. Set the camera to Mass Storage in the USB settings on the camera
2. Connect it to the computer
3. Remove all files
4. Disconnect from the computer
5. Remove the memory card
6. Connect to computer again
7. Remove all files
8. Disconnect from computer
9. Put the memory card back in
10. Change the USB settings on the camera back to PC Control
11. Open TPS and try the camera again.

What is the recommended indoor setup for Impact Location?

To ensure the highest accuracy for impact location measurements - there are requirements to the setup in order to get impact location measured by the TM4.

Click the below link to see the document with indoor setup recommendations

-> Link

How do I turn the TM4 on/off?

The backleg (flap) of the TM4 will turn the unit on or off. Do not use the power button unless you intend to leave the TM4 standing on the floor with its smaller legs extended.

Open the rear flap to turn the power on/off. Make sure to give it a little extra downward push until you hear a sounding click. See the legs in action here: Video

How can I tell if I have the latest version of software, apps and firmware?

Here are the current versions;



TrackMan 3e: 2.5.10

TrackMan 4: 1.7.1



TrackMan Performance Studio: 6.0.73

iOS TrackMan App: 3.0.2

iOS TrackMan Camera App: 2.3.4

TrackMan Event Software: 1.3.42


* Updating your software may require a current Software license. If you are not current, you can renew in the section above on this page.

What do I do if I get a USB 3.0 Error when installing TPS?

Copy and use the link below to download and save the file.

Once the file is complete, please right click on the file and select extract all. Click next. Once extracted, open the file and run the setup (or setup.exe). This will take you through how to install the latest Intel USB driver. Click yes to make changes on the hardware configuration. Once complete, restart your computer and re-install TPS.

Download link:

My radar is having leveling issues. How can I fix it?

Please make sure you've updated to latest firmware in the radar and latest software.

Fix for TM4 & TM3e (wireless radars) 

  • Pull the legs out
  • Power the radar ON and wait until it's ready. (Do not have the radar armed in Shot Analysis when doing the next steps steps.)
  • Hold it vertically, in mid-air (not tilted – legs pointing down). That should make the legs extend. Allow a minute or two for full extension.
  • Put the radar on the ground and allow it to level.
  • The radar should be level now.

If it doesn't work or the legs are stuck, try this:

  • Try to pull the legs out
  • Hold power button down for 10 seconds
  • This boots it into safe mode and will allow the unit to level (top light will blink green/red)
  • Leave it on the ground for a minute
  • Once level, turn power off
  • Wait 10 seconds and push the power button normally to restart as usual


Fix for TM2 & TM3 (with USB cable)

  • Connect the TrackMan to your PC as normal (legs pulled out, etc.)
  • Lift it in the air and tilt it forth and back. Listen for any mechanical sound. Replace it on the ground

Still not working?

  • Open the Software
  • Navigate to the LIVE or Hitting page
  • Place the TrackMan face down on the ground (orange part facing the ground)
  • This will make the legs come forward (out)
  • Allow the legs to get longer than 3", which can take up to 5 minutes
  • Once both legs are longer than 3", flip it back to upright position where it will level out properly
  • Should this not work, please try another USB cable, as this is the first sign that the USB cable is broken
  • It's a very generic cable, often used between a pc and a printer. Can easily be replaced.  
  • The TrackMan USB cable has a screw cap, but that cap is NOT mandatory for use. It just protects against water.

Still not working?

  • Try another USB port on the pc and repeat the above steps.

Still not working?

  • Open the Software
  • Navigate to the LIVE or Hitting page
  • Place the TrackMan face down on the ground (orange part facing the ground)
  • As the mechanic sounds, try to help the leg out with a very gentle pull (Please be careful!).

If none of this helps your radar to level, please contact support.

How can I create a Facility on the TrackMan Locator?

To create a Facilty on the TM locator, click on the link below.

To create a site on our locator, please use this link: http://mytrackman.com/create-facility

Why is club data missing on some shots?

The main reason for not showing club data at some shots is that if not 100% of the data is captured on a given shot, all data on that shot is rejected automatically. As the saying goes; no club data is better than inaccurate club data.

1. Setup of radar not optimal: Make sure the ball is hit from within the blue box and the distance from radar to ball is within our requirements.
2. Impact is too close or too far away from the TrackMan (Optimal distance is 7-9')
3. Impact is too far right or left of the TrackMan. Watch the video on radar placement in the Tutorial section, if you have doubt about this.
4. You are hitting off turf and the divot is causing excess radar noise. Try hitting of a golf mat instead (it's very common to do so)
5. Swing direction far left (right handed player)
6. The club is a short iron. When hitting short irons, the smash factor becomes closer to 1.0, which means the club and ball are traveling away from the radar at similar speeds, which makes it harder to capture (pure) club numbers.
7. The shot was a mishit, producing a low smash factor
8. For indoor usage only: Metallic dot not used correctly

Contact us at support if you need further assistance.

How can I install TPS if the installer is failing?

This is most likely failing if a Windows Update is either pending, or needs to be applied.

Restart your PC and try again. If that doesn't work then check for Windows updates and restart the PC until it is up to date. Now you should be able to install TPS.

Why is the target selection stuck on "Updating Target Image"?

Most likely due to corrupt settings files.

Try and reset the TPS to factory defaults

Exit tps
Go to windows, start menu
Type: Diagnostics (open the software called Diagnostics)
Click reset to factory defaults
Click no to the popup
Close this and open TPS

If this is not helping, make sure to renew the WiFi connection or change the cable and/or port for the connection.

Systems Requirements for PC

Recommended computer specifications for running Trackman Performance Studio and Virtual Golf


Shot analysis, Video analysis, Test Center etc.


  • Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • i5 / i7 2.5Ghz Processor
  • SSD
    • 128 GB (Without video recording)
    • 500 GB (With video recording)


TPS without external cameras

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • i5 2Ghz Processor
  • SSD 128 GB (Without video recording) 

*Increased specification may be needed depending on number of external cameras


Course play and on-course practice


  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • i7 3.8Ghz Processor
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
  • SSD


Potential slow loading and lagging in game play

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • i5 2.8Ghz Processor
  • Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
  • SSD

* Virtual Golf works only with TM4 and requires up-to-date software license

Mac user?  To use the TPS software on a Mac, you can either run Microsoft Windows on a BootCamp parted disk, or as a virtual machine. See the Apple instructions here for how to install BootCamp.
The Virtual Machine instructions are available here.

Note: TrackMan 2 only works with native USB 2.0 controllers, and not compatible with any USB 3.0 ports.

Cameras for TPS

The Current List of Compatible Cameras for use with TrackMan TPS


(Compatible with wireless TM4/TM3e radars only)

iPhone X - 240 fps

iPhone 8/8 Plus - 240 fps

iphon 7/7 Plus - 240 fps

iPhone 6s/6s Plus - 240fps

iPhone 6/6 Plus - 240fps

iPhone SE - 240fps

iPhone 5s - 120fps

iPod 6th Gen. - 120fps

iPad Pro - 120 fps

iPad Air 2 - 120fps


UI-3130LE (USB 3.0) *

UI-3160CP (USB 3.0) *

Ximea MQ022 (USB 3.0) **

Ximea MQ003 (USB 3.0) **

Microsoft LifeCam Studio webcam

Live video feature available for iOS cameras and all wired cameras (except for Casio)

You will need USB3 cables from IDS and a specific USB-interface card as per IDS recommendations (link) 

** Please contact support@trackmangolf.com before purchasing any Ximea camera.


Download the latest Software for your TrackMan radar.

» Download the latest TPS software here

» Download the latest TM4 firmware here

» Download the latest TM3e firmware here

Contact a TrackMan Specialist

Get help from a specialist.

Please make sure to have your radar's serial number ready (S/N), and an active internet connection (if possible).


Monday to Friday 08.30 - 19.30 (CET/CEST)

*Note: 16.30-19.30 is covered by the US team

Phone: +45 45 74 47 42

Email: support@trackmangolf.com


Monday to Saturday 7 AM - 4 PM

All time based off Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: +1 (810) 225-9855

Email: support@trackmangolf.com

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