The range of tomorrow is much more than a place to practice before a round of golf. It’s a hub for many activities. From social gatherings of families and friends to training camps for juniors and aspiring professionals to the serious weekend golfer preparing for a corporate event.

Imagine you can offer all those players the experience of practicing with TrackMan’s tour technologies. Then imagine how much extra activity it will generate, and how your range will stand out from the crowd.



The powerful, free range app provides golfers with a tremendous amount of choice. From a pure practice mode where eight ultra-precise data points are captured to a string of fun games, to playing a virtual course on the range with TrackMan’s Virtual Golf* software. The possibilities are limitless.

*Release end 2018

Practice with feedback and purpose

The best players in the world use them. The best coaches in the world use them. And now, now your guests can use them, too. Eight of TrackMan's most essential ball data points are available in the free app, making it a powerful tool for practicing distance control. The app also converts range ball data into premium ball data, ensuring the practice session becomes as 'course realistic' as possible.


A quick, free sign-up allows players to store and review their performance, including club dispersions and game history.

Games that make you better

The games in the free app are not only a lot of fun, they also help you improve your shot-making skills significantly. Chose between Bulls Eye, Hit It and Capture the Flag. Each game is quick, fun and challenging. Play alone, in a group, or invite the person next to you for a fun challenge.


Play a full round of golf, right from your range mat. Or practice specific holes over and over again, until you master them. Then go and play them for real. With TrackMan's ultra-precise course renderings, hyper-real graphics, and tour graded tracking technologies, any golf course can be replicated and played at your range. Just open the app and start playing.


Our goal with TrackMan Range was to engineer a noninvasive solution that only utilizes a few components while bringing the real TrackMan experience to everyone. The system fully adapts to your range layout, big or small, and delivers amazing customer experiences without disrupting the design of your facility. Simple, powerful, and compelling, the system integration quickly becomes a natural part of your range set-up.


Scale was a critical component when we developed the range concept. The result is a simple, noninvasive range system that fits any range size like a hand in glove. From small green grass areas to multi-story bay facilities, the system covers it all with a surprisingly small number of radars.


Part of the solution is a 3D render of your range layout. Replicated meticulously to the exact size and location of your bunkers, greens, and flag positions, players see their trajectories animated on stunning graphics in the app. With a beautiful representation of your range, accurate ball tracking, and fun games at their fingertips, your customer engagement is guaranteed.