About TrackMan Golf

Company purpose:

To Unleash talent

We help athletes get better

Our products are used by professional athletes and amateurs alike in a broad spectrum of sports, ranging from the popular segments of golf, baseball and tennis, to more unique disciplines like the Olympic Game's hammer throw and shot put.  

Common for all are their fundamental need for reliable data to analyze performance.

As a consequence, our products have changed the way technology is used in sports today. From how professionals and amateurs train and take lessons, to the development and fitting of golf equipment, to the way a game is watched and enjoyed on television.

Being it for gaming or performance purposes, any player now has the possibility to unleash his or her full potential further through our technology.

Relentless Innovation

In search of disruptive technologies

Every time we create a new product, we introduce something that's both radically innovative and strikingly meaningful at the same time. With TrackMan 4, it's Dual Radar Technology.

For the first time ever in golf, two radar systems within one TrackMan unit track all the critical movements in a golf swing. One tracks the golf club, the other one tracks the ball. This simple, yet groundbreaking and innovative configuration enables the TrackMan 4 to capture data in its purest and most complete form. From wedges to drivers, high quality data is tracked, captured and translated into conclusive analysis.

With Dual Radar Technology, a new standard is born.


Building trust, one shot at a time

Ball flight laws are unquestionable. So is the quality of our data. TrackMan is considered to have set the industry standards for accuracy in ball impact and ball flight measurements. That's why the leaders of the game trust us.

Quality data leads to quality analysis which again fosters sound decision-making and, ultimately, superior performance and leadership. In golf, for example, critical data is captured at the impact moment between the club and the ball, meaning in 1/2000 of a second. This essential data is instantly translated into an easy-to-understand language on a portable device for analysis and increased understanding of the swing.

That's why reliable data is indispensable when athletes strive to maximize their performance.

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